Whenever I'm asked what is my political persuasion, I answer that I'm a LIBERAL-TARIAN.  Take care of those who need it but LEAVE ME THE F*** ALONE!!!

As such, I offer the following blog:

The Worst of Both Worlds 

Jonathan Swift would be hard-pressed to satirize the current position concerning gun control held by some Americans. Can any modest proposal to arm the citizen with as many semi-automatic bump stock-fitted rifles as they care to own be any more insane than consuming Irish babies?

America has some National Rifle Association-supporting citizens who profess fidelity to our Founding Fathers but instead twist their intent of the Second Amendment away from the actual wording.

The Bill of Rights places the description "a well regulated militia" at the beginning of the amendment for a reason. The idea was for gun owners to be properly trained, properly reviewed, properly inspected and properly supervised as is any good army. It wasn’t gun control; it wasn’t to require gun ownership as a buttress against the very government the framers were in the process of establishing. The amendment was a way to counter the scourge feared most of all. They didn’t want a standing army.

Now, centuries later, paradoxically, we have the worst of both worlds. We have citizens wanting unregulated access to weapons able to kill or wound 600 people in less than 10 minutes. On the other hand, we spend more than ONE TRILLION DOLLARS a year for a standing military that would be the Gulliver sent by the government in the dead of the night to confiscate those arms these same citizens argue is necessary for protection against tyranny. Spoofing this pretzel logic is too easy for words.

David H. Burke

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